Upon first meeting Angela, I was attracted by her exuberance and involvement with life. As a Quantum Life Coach who combines her work with her practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Angela had peaked my interest. I wanted to know more.  During that short period of time that I initially spent with Angela, I was intrigued to see that some friends and family members had simultaneously contacted me – wanting to get together.  It was uncanny that they’d all messaged around the same time Angela and I were having lunch.

After completing a comprehensive session with Angela  I have begun to understand just how much her work is about supporting people to bridge their personal selves with their eternal selves (some may say soul – she says illuminated being). Her work is a confirmation and results in a strong linking with one’s eternal being in a way that helps one see where confusion arises. With tools and practices to be learned in the session, we can continue to build the bridge on our own and support our awareness of and connection to our illuminated being (that reaches beyond the body and personality to the cosmos).

The work is beautiful, transforming and expansive and I recommend it to anyone wishing to move beyond outmoded patterns of behavior in relationships and in life.

 Susan A. November 4, 2017

Teacher from Toronto, Canada
Living and working in Ubud, Bali

I thank you Angela for your Mirror-calls. I’ve experienced many self-improvement programs
over the years and I’ve never have the success that I’ve had with this Quantum wave living process.

I now realize how I’ve been creating my world and that I can commune with my Quantum wave pattern, my Universal illuminatedbeing and make a new me every instant.

I came to Angela with a very damaged wrist and I discovered how I was creating it and I am replacing that creation and my wrist is now 60% better.
I I want to live again and even decided to train to be a life coach.  I thank you Angela for your care.
If you haven’t started living the way you want I’d recommend that you give Quantum wave living a try.
Faith May

October 18, 2017

I was diagnosed with cancer twice, breast cancer which masticized in my bones. I’ve had numerous operations and have been partially paralyzed from my operation of the vertebrae in my neck. I lost my voice and I’ve worked hard to bring myself back from the trauma and pain.

I came to my first session of quantum wave living with pain in my neck and back limited movement and a heavy weight on my shoulders.
During my processing suddenly the heaviness was gone and the pain in my back disappeared and I could move my neck right and left. I didn’t need the pillow that I had been sitting on to help comfort my back. I threw it off the chair and I said “look at me look at how I’m moving.” I could bend over, I could bend down, I was breathing deeper. I had space in my lungs to breathe again.

I remember that when I walked to my session I had to walk slowly and it had to stop to get my breath. On the way home after the session I was walking fast and I suddenly realize that I was energized. I hadn’t walked like this since before my last operation.
Along with these wonderful physical mirror-calls I was amazed to get a call from my father the day after my session. We had not communicated since I had confronted him months before about his treatment of me. I now did not see my father with child’s eyes I saw him from a grown-up’s view: As an old person who had given me life: no judgement, no anger, no sadness, just really from my heart, I asked him how he was.
I felt the past was replaced and I had the power within myself now.
I thank you dear guantum wave living coaches for helping me replace the old with the new informotion of my universal illuminatedbeing.
Vesna “Sanja”

October 18, 2017

“Working with my dearest Dr. Angela Longo in re-writing my original story: such a path of deep opening and discovery of my fullness! Those child-like tantrums around abandonment; my mother issues; waiting for the other out there to fulfill me; waiting, waiting, waiting; the giving-up on me… after so many years of inner work, today, by taking a quantum leap, I see myself, I value myself, I commit to myself, I am there for myself, I do exactly what I desire and that is being my eternal authority of self. Transforming my old loner body genes, empowering the eternal authority of myself, celebrating and uplifting my whole self. What a ride! Angela Longo, you’re a dance of life! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world”

Natalia Mendez, counselor
Spanish mother of two teens
Living in Melbourne, Australia

February 7 ,2016

“I went today to dr. Angela Longo’s consultation without knowing exactly what kind of help in my life she could offer me.
The consultation took three hours. It was fantastic. I discovered what a quantum wave is. And after two hours of working together I found out that a pain in my both shoulders that I’ve had for years disappeared as she had predicted to me.
This technique is unbelievable and I strongly recommend checking it out with the extreme kindness and vast knowledge of Angela.
Thank you Angela for this amazing shifting and understanding of my new life beginning today. I hope you can help thousands of people like you helped me today.”

Much love,
Isabelle C.
23 Rue des Emeris
94120 Fontenay
Jous Bois

August 30, 2015

“Dear Dr. Angela Longo,
Hi, warm greeting from Pakua clinic, Tao Garden, 19 September 2015.
I would like to say ” thank you so much-Khob khun mak krub” for your helpful session, mirror calls – quantum resplendency of relationshifting along with TCM healing  called “moxa” which are really wonderful miracle, my knee got stronger Chi within a few times.
You help me know more about my quantum wave pattern. Now I know who I am, what are my true desires, and how I can improve myself, transforming limiting patterns to what I really want.
If I want to succeed in my true desires or my wishes, just do it and attend to my true desires to frame a universal self-authority…a delight to know me!

Made the Chi be with you.”

Mr. Kridsadapong, Eddy
Medical technologist and health consultant
In charge of Pakua polyclinic, Tao-garden.

“I have had severe pain most of my life. Medical doctors have not been able to help me. I’ve been doing heart waving with Angela that have alleviated my pain completely. The pain before was at a 10 rating and now it is a zero rating with the feeling of peace for the first time in my life. Mahalo Angela!”

From my Eternalself Misty Green
Blessings from Eloise Rigdley, 42 years old.

June 15, 2013

“Angela’s work work is truly a paradigm shift that is phenomenal.
I have been working on myself for many years and work as a counselor. These techniques are simple effective and life changing.
Words do not do it justice. After I take the training with her I will be implementing them into my practice.”

Melissa essence
Australia Adelaide

November 2015

“Stress lifted…..work easy….
Since I did my sessions with Angela i noticed a terrific shift. Every month for the past year of I have had intensely stressful and high task load weeks at the end of month-pleased to say that this past week was a stroll in comparison- everything,  including the usual unexpected hiccoughs seemed to go quite smoothly, and without the many extra long hours I have been used to doing. Thanks!”

Tom Christensen
Sydney, Australia

October 1, 2016

“Hello Angela,
I have begun to use the things you e-mailed and they make me yawn like crazy. That usually means things are moving.
The good things and shifts were:
– wonderful weather when I arrived and so almost no jet lag, which is usually a great problem;
– I generally sleep well, has also been a huge problem. A great shift;
– we had a lovely party to celebrate the finishing of a meditation hut;
– my relationship with my husband is easier. He listens more. Important shift;
– I teach tai chi and it works out very well. I have more energy;
Although I have several health issues I seem to solve them faster”

Lous W.
Dutch middle aged woman
Belgium living

October 1, 2016

“I always thought that I had a lot of spiritual and emotional purging to do that it would take forever, but after only two sessions of quantum life coaching I feel free I’m excited about my life again. I am excited to live with my new quantum tools.
I have been looking for solutions for my problems for years and now I’ve got the quantum tools to face whatever I manifest and I am confident to start my new life.
After doing my first Bathwave I felt warm waves of heat all through my cool body, even movement and releasing in  my back on the right. I also feel heat in my cold hands and it keeps going…
My whole perspective on life is changed. Now I understand that living is naturally supporting my self-illumination to follow my true desires and live my life as I wish. Thank you Dr. Angela Longo”

Steinuun G.
Reykjavik, Iceland

October 8, 2016